​​​​Schools across Nebraska continue increasing positive student outcomes through the Human Performance Project. See if your school is involved by visiting Schools.​​

"Life of an Athlete/Human Performance Project reminded me that no matter how much we do, we can always be doing more. Not just to better ourselves, but to also better the people we care about. It is not just beneficial for athletes but for everyone that wants to grow as a human being."

- Nebraska High School Student

"Our athletes and students are faced with a great deal of pressure that is only becoming more daunting. This program and commitment allows students to bond together and create a union of positivity and success. As a coach, I have a sense of responsibility to help teach our students proper nutrition and how to give their bodies the necessary resources to gain maximum results from their workouts."

- Nebraska High School Athletic Coach​​

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​“Human Performance Project provides a common sense, workable model for providing a consistent set of guidelines for dealing with youth behavioral problems.” Tom Osborne 

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​John Underwood​​​​

John Underwood is the Director/ Founder of American Athletic Institute- Life of an Athlete-Pure Performance- Human Performance Project


Applied Performance Sciences

​Provides Youth Development programs, delivered in conjunction with John Underwood's Life of an Athlete/Athlete Committed curriculum. The prevention model is human performance-based and focuses on educating students on the physiological effects of poor lifestyle choices. ​



​​​​​​​​​​Human Performance Project Nebraska is geared to lead changes in school climate and behaviors among the student body. This project is a best-practice education tool for junior high, high school and college students that are participating in activities. Based on the Life of an Athlete program, this program promotes science-based information regarding nutrition, sleep, stress, drugs and alcohol. Students learn how to be and perform at their best.


To develop responsible and respectable young adults through a strong activity program that supports Academics, Athletics, Arts and Activities by educating, correcting and restoring accountability for all who participate.

1. Reduce rates of substance use among students
2. Increase positive lifestyle choices
3. Nurture successful healthy individuals​