Zoe Holscher, Student Athlete, Scottsbluff High School

"I really enjoyed all the information given regarding Life of an Athlete/Human Performance Project Summer Session and I wish everyone was able to go there because the world would be a different place.  I learned so much on things such as the importance of sleep in my training.  I hope to work with coaches in my school on things that will work for Scottsbluff High School."

Kenna Urwiller, Head Volleyball Coach, Scottsbluff High School

"I had the privilege of attending the Life of an Athlete/Human Performance Project Summer Session in Lake Placid, NY.  I feel I gained a great deal of knowledge regarding nutrition and the importance of being committed to our students.  Our athletes and students are faced with a great deal of pressure that is only becoming more daunting.  This program and commitment allows students to bond together and create a union of positivity and success.  As a coach, I have a sense of responsibility to help teach our students proper nutrition and how to give their bodies the necessary resources to gain maximum results from their workouts.  John Underwood is a scientist of the body and how it reacts to drugs and alcohol.  He understands that students need to work together to inspire one another in reaching their goals.  This two day session was full of information that needs to be forwarded on to students in our panhandle.  I am very grateful for this opportunity."