Brook Roberts, Student Athlete, Chadron High School

"The training of Human Performance Project at Lake Placid, NY was amazing.  I learned about many different topics that all tie together to create a better lifestyle for an athlete.  The training allowed me to take notes on how to live a better lifestyle.  It also allowed me to listen to the stories of other schools from across the nation that have completely changed their community.  All in all, going to the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid was a great experience and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to go."

Jamie Slingsby, Teacher/Coach, Chadron High School

"I feel that the information given at the Human Performance Project training is beneficial to not only myself as a teacher and coach but extremely beneficial as a health teacher.  I believe that the information will benefit not only student-athletes, but all of the students at Chadron High School.  My initial thought about the LOA/HPP conference was  that it would be discussions about drugs and alcohol, but there was so much more including sleep and nutrition requirements.  Hearing first hand from other teachers, administrators and students about the positive effects that it has had on them and their school was extremely beneficial.  This allowed for a personal perspective from each individual and allowed for even more input on how they adapted the program to their school. Hearing from the U.S. Navy Seals team and how they plan to implement more and more of the LOA/HPP program into their training was not only informative but intense to hear about their stories that they told during their training and combat.I plan to use much of the information that I obtained from the conference in my health classes and I believe the implementation of the LOA/HPP program will benefit Chadron High and the rural community of Chadron."

Jordan Nelson, Teacher/Coach, Chadron High School

"LOA/HPP has been an incredible experience.  Human Performance Project/Life of an Athlete had a profound impact on me and since the experience I have made some changes that will help improve myself.  How many times do you get to go bobsledding in life...not very often and that was so much fun along with all the other activities.  Lake Placid is definitely a place I will never forget and will talk about for years to come."

Jerry Mack, Principal, Chadron High School

"As a high school principal, I understand the need to be proactive to prevent unhealthy life choices for students.  LOA/HPP is a program promoting a holistic lifestyle of healthy choices that includes information on physical exercise, diet/nutrition, muscle recovery, chemical health, brain functions, and sleep.  Not only did we receive specific sessions from John Underwood on each of these areas, we heard several individuals, school groups, and even members of the NAVY SEALS explain how they promote and create cultures of healthy lifestyles. I am very excited to bring this information back to Chadron High School and am currently planning ways to implement and promote LOA/HPP with all of our students, coaches, and staff.  LOA/HPP is not a club, it is a lifestyle that benefits everyone."



Jadyn McCartney, Student Athlete, Chadron High School

"I had the opportunity to participate in the Life of an Athlete/Human Performance Project training in Lake Placid, New York.  As I expected, it was very informational, and even better yet, nothing less than a great time.  I hope to take some of the information I received and help others to a better lifestyle, as well as myself.  I encourage others in the future to take part in this project.  It was a great opportunity to communicate with students from multiple different schools throughout the country on their problems and perspectives in their communities.  Many new ideas were shared with us that we plan to implement in our school to make it a better place considering we are an athletic community at heart.  Thank you John Underwood for having us."