Nate Lanik, Alliance High School Cross Country and Track Coach

The Human Performance Project Leadership Day held March 21, 2016, allowed multiple schools to bring their students together to share thoughts and ideas on leadership, physical health, mental health, the importance of sleep and the effects of drug and alcohol on the mind and body.

The students, along with their sponsors and coaches, enjoyed a day of learning new techniques to improve their performance in the classroom and in their specific activity or sport.

The Leadership Day also allowed the students from the different schools to see that this information is important to more than just their school and community, and it is something that they need to take back with them and share with their peers and teammates.

The power of good choices is more than just a thought it has to be an action.  The number of students that are making great choices and leading by example needs to be maximized, and the information that the Navy SEALs brought with them will help these students when it comes to decision making time and setting good examples.

Programs like these are important in building great habits among our youth, and providing them with the essential information so they can make the most informed decision possible to them.

                                                                        Coach Lanik