are one of the most important elements in the overall education of our students. Activities provide an opportunity to extend the learning process. The intention of this project is to provide students and parents with a guide for understanding the philosophy, programs, procedures, organization, and expectations of extracurricular activities in Nebraska schools.

Why activities? 
The answer to this question is simple: it gives the participant the opportunity to further develop the skills needed for success as an adult. Some of the important skills introduced, developed, and fostered by students include: loyalty, honesty, hard work, leadership, organization, perseverance, socialization, cooperation, and discipline. In a nutshell, activities are an excellent laboratory for life skills.

Research also tells us that one of the key characteristics of successful adults is their previous association in activities. Students who are active in the workings of their school tend to be the most successful academically and socially. In addition, they are able to develop and maintain more positive and lasting interpersonal relationships. Activities are an extension of the educational experience offered to our students in the classroom atmosphere.

The American Athletic Institute's Human Performance Project

in Nebraska

is a project geared to prevention strategies endorsed by schools across the nation as a best-practice education tool for area junior high, high school and college students in all activities. The five-year, nationally recognized program is designed to confront and curb the chemical health issues and associated problems that face today's students. This approach provides the science behind the development of Human Performance Project in Nebraska. Human Performance Project in Nebraska is also known as Life of an Athlete.  Life of an Athlete is a prevention/intervention based project used by athletes from youth sport to Olympic and Professional sport. It centers on educating athletes, coaches and parents about lifestyle issues that impact mental and physical performance. The project has been utilized by thousands of middle and high schools, hundreds of NCAA institutions, the USOC, Sport Canada, NHL,NBA,NFL and the United States Military. In Nebraska, we focus not only on athletes but all students participating in all extracurricular activities.  Many of the Activities Directors have requested the need for policies in all activities in the schools and not just athletes.  Therefore, we have renamed the program Human Performance Project in Nebraska, because that is our expectation of our students, parents, coaches, administration and communities, pure performance.