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How do we get started implementing Human Performance Project? Watch our video, go to YouTube and go into Human Performance Project, or

    It starts with 5 Easy Phases

You can implement one or more steps per year.  It depends on your school's readiness for a positive change in all aspects of your school.

             5 Phases

Human Performance Project

Human Performance Project

"Human Performance Project provides a common sense, workable model for providing a consistant set of guidelines for dealing with youth behavioral problems."

       -Tom Osborne

What is the Human Performance project?

Human Performance Project in Nebraska is an all-school wellness initiative focused on healthy living and optimal performance.  Based on the Life of an Athlete program, this program promotes science-based information regarding nutrition, sleep, stress, drugs and alcohol.  Students learn how to be and perform at their best.

Who is John Underwood? 

John Underwood is the Director/ Founder of American Athletic Institute- Life of an Athlete-Pure Performance- Human Performance Project.


Human Performance Project in Nebraska is a project to ensure a strong activity program for Academics, Athletics, Arts and Activities.  By educating, correcting and restoring, all who participate is held accountable for their actions.  The result of this program is the development of responsible, respectable young adults.


NE Schools

The following schools are implementing the program:


Banner County








How do we start?  Watch this video.

Human Performance Project

Human Performance Project in Nebraska